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Pyro Gallery: A Hot Spot for Local Art in Lousiville

Louisville is blessed with a number of fine art galleries, and it could be said that the hottest of these right now just might be the Pyro Gallery. The Pyro Gallery, named for its original location in a renovated firehouse, is a cooperative of 20 local artists who work in a variety of media and formats.

The enterprise is self-supporting, with members each having an equal share of ownership. The Pyro Gallery is located on Main Street east of Seventh Street in the heart of the Louisville museum and art district.
The gallery displays works by members on a rotating basis, with each of these exhibitions lasting six weeks. The featured exhibit embraces the entire main floor of the gallery. But Pyro doesn’t let the visitor forget that there are 19 other talented members as well: The lower floor of the gallery houses mini-exhibits by each of the other members in such media as photography, ceramics, painting and others.

Operating hours at the Pyro Gallery are limited. If you would like to schedule an alternate time for a showing, or would like to utilize the gallery for a private event, contact the artistic director, Mary Dennis Kannapell, at (502) 587-0106.

HelloLouisville Tip: Perhaps the best time to visit the Pyro Gallery is during an opening reception for the main exhibition. Contact the gallery around the first of the month for when the next exhibit will open. Pyro Gallery is featured on the First Friday Trolley Hop.

Posted on January 13, 2012 by John M. Dargo
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