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Somewhere on a street art adventure in Louisville, I stumbled across a simple, cheerful mural that simply makes the world smile. Located on the facade of the VIA studio, this mural is quite funny and my husband And I enjoyed it a lot. The mural Life is Sweet and Eat is a popular little corner known for cakes, donuts and other sweets. It was painted by Byron Roberts and Gary Bennett, with the help of some other local artists and a little help from a friend.

The open design allows students to work in an interdisciplinary way and explore a variety of glass and sculptural media while exploring the history of the glass industry in the US and its impact on the world.

For example, you could work with a more artisan approach, which could include jewelry, fiber printing, scrapbooking, etc. Sometimes street art differs from these days of graffiti or pure vandalism and is also called urban art or guerrilla art. This type of art can also be very interesting and almost artistic and can be found in many different places in the city such as parks and public places. It may not be easy to see from the car, but many public art sites are visible - and from the car.

Your family can go out with a map or GPS and pick a few nearby and try to find and visit them.

Click on the Art Gallery Guides above for a list of all the art galleries in Louisville, Kentucky, and links to their websites. These links will take you to the listed art institutions, where you can quickly see what is going on. You can also stop by the souvenir shop next door, where many artists of the past still exhibit their works and much of it can be bought.

If you want to collect art and buy art, look for art galleries where you can find artworks in Kentucky. This art gallery houses some of the best artwork in the state of Kentucky, as well as many other great artworks.

The Cressman Center also displays some of the best art in Kentucky and the world in ongoing exhibitions. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this guide very useful in their search for art in Louisville, Kentucky. This guide is designed to help you discover art and visit various art communities if you plan to visit them. The Kentucky Center for the Arts, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, educates students and the public by focusing on visual arts education in urban centers and cities.

Make sure to check out the Kentucky Center's annual Hope calendar, which is online all year round. For a full list of events throughout the year, visit Hope's calendar.

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The mission of the Cressman Center for the Visual Arts is to inform, engage and inspire the community about the visual arts. The museum is changing and we are looking for someone in Kentucky who can be the eye and ear for what is happening in our state. In the heart of downtown Louisville, just blocks from the Kentucky Museum of Natural History and the Kentucky Art Museum of the University of Kentucky, is the Kentucky Institute of Art of the F.B.I., which houses the Department of Eyewear and Programs and offers the public the opportunity to observe the daily operation of a glass studio.

I visited Louisville's Luha-ville while my family was on vacation in Kentucky recently. Shortly after I returned to Germany, I discovered that postcards and street pictures from Louisville were appearing, and since my return in February 2019, I have been searching for them. The styles are very diverse and interesting and Bardtown Road is definitely full of some pretty unique artwork that makes for a fun ride through the city. Every time I drive through the city, there are a number of great art galleries, restaurants, shops and restaurants in the area, and it would be a great afternoon tour for families.

Five Louisville artists were commissioned to create works they wanted to see at Muhammad Ali International Airport. I wish I had found more street pictures in Louisville and drove around looking for them, but unfortunately I just didn't have time. Just down the road from me was a simple retro mural that I took a quick selfie with because it was lively and it took me a lot of time to look at it.

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