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Visit the Bluegrass Outlet Shops for a wide selection of clothing, accessories and accessories for your home, office or office. The Actors Theatre of Louisville brings you the theater, but nobody is crammed into a crowded theater that day.

In mid-August, Louisville will host the Kentucky State Fair Horse Show, also held at the Exposition Center. The fair's programme includes exhibitions and musical entertainment, and throughout the day there are instrument workshops led by artists and live music, where artists can have a good time with fans and players of all ages and abilities.

Participants can learn about the history and process of whiskey making and even make delicious cocktails themselves. There is plenty of autumn weather ahead, which means that while you are limited to what you can do indoors, you can go to your favourite bar to watch a U of L football match or a favourite band. Enjoying food and cocktails outdoors is always fun when the weather permits, but if you're careful during COVID time, it makes sense to take advantage of nature.

This is a flea market that offers participants the opportunity to explore and buy a wide range of products, as well as participate in various other entertainment activities. Mint Julep Experiences offers the opportunity to combine the distilleries and breweries of the region with a visit to a local horse farm. This family-friendly outdoor event offers a variety of food and drinks, live music and activities for children and adults. Visit Whitehall House Gardens for a day of fun, food, music and fun with friends and family, all set in the beautiful grounds of the historic house.

A walk through the historic district will allow guests to learn about the history and architecture of the city. This photo exhibition is just one aspect of Virtual Frazier, but you can take a masked tour of an interactive museum that tells the story of the water life that called the waterfalls home millions of years ago. The museum has worked with the National Museum of Natural History and the Kentucky State Library to document the history of people as they saw, felt and coped with this pandemic.

The Community Foundation of Louisville believes that art is an important part of a community where people and places thrive. The Hadley Prize is one of the ways in which local artists are supported, and the Foundation has been supporting the community for more than 25 years by focusing on art, education, community engagement, arts education and community outreach.

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Sign up for our daily Louisville email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town. If you haven't gone to Louisville to visit the city's bourbon bars, don't go there now, but you can say you're in Louisville while we're visiting the Kentucky Derby Museum, where the annual Louisville Derby horse race is held. You are welcome to join, even if you have to contribute to the lot that has swallowed up more by 2020! If not, head to Louisville before visiting all the bourbon bars and you'll be among the first to get a free drink at the Louisville Bourbon Festival.

The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular is a Louisville tradition like no other, with more than 5,000 illuminated pumpkins carved in a festive manner. Hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors alike flock to Louisville to take part in this art competition, which has become a tradition since 1957. The whole festival starts with a great style, but even in the face of the pandemic, children need a Halloween slot! The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacle is another Louisville tradition like no other: With more than 4,500 lights on the city streets, the Jack-O-Lanterns in the sky and the lights of the world's largest illuminated pumpkin carving competition, this is unique. It is also one of Louisville's most popular Halloween events, kicking off the entire Festival of Arts and Crafts at the Louisville Museum of Art (LMA) in Grandview Park.

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