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In this downloadable Local Guide to Louisville, we've put together everything you need to know about your trip to and from Louisville. We have also compiled a list of places to visit, go, drink, eat and taste bourbon (wait a minute, don't make me a joke about bourbon balls in PG13!).

Don't forget to check out the list of the best restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky and Kentucky Kentucky below. The Fest BBQ is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and a must-visit lunch for anyone looking for the "best" barbecue in Louisville. Irish Pub, and you are invited to enjoy traditional Irish pub fare in one of Kentucky's most popular pub's - style restaurants in the city.

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky, located in the heart of historic downtown Louisville, just blocks from the Louisville Metro Convention Center. This is a must - visit Louisville and make sure you have dinner here every time you visit the city. One of our favorite restaurants in Louisville has been and will remain the restaurant for many years, and it is the perfect place for lunch, dinner, or even an evening out in the city.

Moving on to the best restaurants in Louisville, there is a whole range of food that Louisville is known for. I'm not going to lie, writing this post will make me go back to all those places I ate and drooled over. At the end of the day, I guarantee you will book a trip to Louisville because it is an incredible destination for foodies.

Most Kentucky stores have jars of sorghum syrup, but Louisville has one on the menu. To experience sorghum in its many forms, you can order pork pies at GraleHaus and taste the unique sorghum cortado. This can only be mastered by one and is the type you will find at your local confectionery manufacturer and paired with one of its species. Dinner at Proof includes braised rabbit ragouts, pork ribs, chicken and pork chops and more.

If you're in the Homer Simpson mood, the best place to eat donuts is at Louisville Hi - Five Donuts and North Bakery. If you're not in the mood for luck in Kentucky, try the Lucky Charms Latte, which is made from milk and a bowl of sugary cereal. If you're looking for a slushie drink, you can have a bourbon milkshake at Frose's, but if you want to drink a rose that you can't find outside Louisville, you should drink the Slushies Rose.

In addition to food, they serve some of the most unique cocktails we've seen in Louisville, and they're all served in real Mint Julep cups. In Germantown you'll find a huge selection of bourbons and whiskeys, but make sure you're in the right location to serve them yourself in Germantsswn.

Derby Pie (tm) is a very special kind of cake and is one of the most popular desserts in the entire state of Kentucky. If you're here at the right time of year, you'll find what they call a "theme" that's definitely not Derby Pie (wink).

Captain's Quarters offers culinary options ranging from home-baked pizza to Maine lobster and a full-service bar. RYE describes itself as "the kind of place people think of when they fancy a good old steak and lobster.

Let me introduce you to Mama and the boys with their fried green tomatoes, pickled fried chicken and chicken wings. With the pickle - brained fried chicken, roasted vegetables and roasted tomatoes - you'll feel Mediterranean in no time.

Located in the heart of downtown Whiskey Row, Corner offers great food, great service and a great atmosphere. They are ve expanded to some locations in Louisville, but my favorite is Middletown with its live music and delicious food. Made at the Weisenberger Mill in Midway, KY, this spreader takes its name from the fact that it is the best spreader you can find in Louisville.

When I first published this blog post, I focused on certain parts of Louisville that are easily accessible without a car. So I decided to broaden my recommendations a bit and include all Louisville restaurants, whether they are located in the heart of downtown Louisville or in mostly unattractive strip malls. While Tim and I were living in Louisville, we would come back to this restaurant to try everything on the menu.

We ate rumba in Havana on Bardstown Road in the Highlands and enjoyed grilled mesquite steak and Tex - Mex - spiced burritos. While we were here, we ordered everything we could find on the menu, from roasted chicken to roasted green tomatoes. I don't even have to like or reject anything we've tried, and I'm sure you've seen them all on Google.

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