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Whether you're heading to Kentucky to explore the Bourbon Trail or just want to spend some time enjoying the charms of the southern city, Louisville has plenty of fantastic sights and things to see and taste, as well as accommodations, food, drink and flavors. The Kentucky Derby is upon us, so here's Louisville's guide - for those of you who went to Louisville KY for a girls' weekend.

There are also many great bike routes in Louisville, including a 100 mile loop that is currently in the works that will completely enclose the city and connect existing and new parks and neighborhoods, making for a great trip around Louisville. Best downtown Louisville attractions include the Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger Field and Old Louisville Museum of Art.

If you love horse racing and are in Lousiville, Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Derby Museum for a unique insight into the history of Kentucky's most famous horse race. If you're looking for things in downtown Louisville that really interest everyone in your family, visit the Kentucky Science Center. Walk down 4th Street and enjoy the culture by seeing the architecture of Old Louisville. From the bridge, you can explore the waterfront of Louisville and enjoy a beautiful view of the skyline.

I didn't have a Kentucky travel guide, so I had to dig deep into the depths of the Internet and get the brochures I could get from the airport to find out what to do in Louisville. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it, and on my second visit I had a list of all the best things I did in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

If you're visiting Louisville in spring or fall, head to Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Frankfurt and Lexington are 45 minutes and one hour away respectively from Louisville, so you could do anything in Louisville.

Louisville is also known for its slugger baseball bat and is basically synonymous with its legendary baseball bat. If you want to see where the sloths were made and learn about their history, I suggest visiting the Louisville Sluggers Museum and Factory. This factory and museum are a must for every baseball fan, but it is also one of the best baseball museums in the United States.

If you're planning a trip to Louisville, here's a list of the best things to do in the city. You can even get a special Urban Bourbon Trail Pass from the Louisville Visitor's Center and collect stamps from each stop on your list. Jason also recommends visiting the Old Louisville Museum of Natural History and the Kentucky State Capitol. If you save some money on a bus ticket to Louisville, you will have more left over for your upcoming trip to Louisville.

If you want to have fun in Louisville, Kentucky, with a crowd, come here. Thunder Over Louisville is the Kentucky Derby's annual kickoff and the biggest fireworks display in the United States. Come to the fireworks, but do it here, because you will be looking forward to a treat. If you're on a trip to Louisville or Kentucky, if you have to go and have fun with the crowds, you shouldn't come here.

If you want to experience some romantic things in Louisville, we recommend a sunset boat trip on the Belle de Louisville. To help you plan your trip, I've picked out some of the best things you can do for a romantic trip to Louisville or Kentucky on your next trip.

If you're looking for a cheap Louisville hotel, there are plenty of options, but the key is staying close to the University of Louisville, where rates are significantly lower compared to downtown. So downtown is always Churchill Downs, which is fantastic for most of the year, and the city parks and festivals are a great place to go on your return trip to Louisville. Louisville Kentucky is located on the banks of a picturesque Ohio River and is furthest from Louisville. In Louisville, you can start your journey in the heart of downtown Louisville at the Louisville Convention Center or at the Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Old Louisville also has the Buck's and the official Urban Bourbon Trail, but there's another one. Then you're definitely on your side of the state on the Bourbon Trail in Lexington, Kentucky, which is really only about an hour away.

The vast, wild Ohio separates Louisville from its neighbors north of Jeffersonville, Indiana, but you can get there by walking across the Big Four Bridge. The bridge crosses the Riverwalk to the Kentucky side, allowing walkers to get into downtown Louisville.

This pedestrian and bicycle bridge - the only one - was built in 1895 and is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. Originally used as a bridge over the Ohio River, the Big Four Bridge and the Kentucky River Bridge, you can sail over it and provide a joyful experience for you and anyone else who wants to have a great time in Louisville, Kentucky.

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