Joe Huber's Family Farm & Restaurant to be auctioned off

Published 09-19-2018

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STARLIGHT, Ind. (AP) - A popular southern Indiana tourist attraction will be sold at a public auction and its 160-acre property sold in multiple tracts.

Auctioneer Doug Harritt said Tuesday that Joe Huber's Family Farm & Restaurant in Starlight will be sold Nov. 17.

Haritt says the four children of founder Joe Huber Jr. all decided to retire. Huber died in 2008.

The restaurant and pumpkin patch routinely draw thousands of visitors from the Louisville area 15 miles to the southeast and elsewhere each fall for company picnics, school field trips and family outings. The eatery known for its fried chicken and biscuits opened in 1983.

The business is unrelated to the Huber Winery and Orchard in Starlight, which will continue operations.

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