CVS Is Selling Everything Bagel Seasoning Just Like Trader Joe's

Published 04-12-2019

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If you do your grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, then you're likely familiar with the cult-favorite Everything but the Bagel Seasoning with sea salt, garlic and onion. The contents of this 2.3-ounce shaker make boring eats taste like the sesame and poppyseed bagel everyone knows and loves - just without the bread. If you don't live near a TJ's, that's really sad - but lucky for you, a similar item is coming to the drugstore.

How to Save Money at Trader Joe's

CVS is now selling a Gold Emblem-branded Everything Bagel Seasoning. At 2.7 ounces, this bottle is ever so slightly bigger than Trader Joe's, but it's also more expensive. It costs $3.19, but we suppose that's the price you pay when you want to pick up cold medicine and seasoning in one go.

Both products bear the same ingredients - Trader Joe's lists sea salt as opposed to just "salt" and describes its garlic and onion as minced rather than dehydrated, but the seasonings are fairly similar overall. Add it to whatever you want, be it avocado toast, eggs, salad, fish, chicken, grilled vegetables, rice or any of our 100 best casserole recipes.

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