McDonald's Launches 'Surprise Happy Meal' With Throwback Toys

Published 11-01-2019

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The first-ever Happy Meal was served 40 years ago and to celebrate the milestone, McDonald's is bringing back some of its most popular toys from the past four decades. For a limited time only, kids (and adults pretending to be kids) will get a taste of nostalgia when they order the Surprise Happy Meal.

Fast Food Menu Items With a Cult Following

From Thursday, Nov. 7 through Monday, Nov. 11, 15 throwback toys will be available at McDonald's locations in 90 countries. Two additional toys will be exclusive to the U.S. After ordering the iconic children's fast food meal, you could unbox any of the following retro figurines:

Cowboy McNugget (1988), Fireman McNugget (1988), Mail Carrier McNugget (1988), Hamburger Changeable (1989), Grimace (1990), Dino Happy Meal Box Changeable (1991), McDonald's Hot Wheels Thunderbird (1993), Hamburglar (1995), Power Rangers (1995), Space Jam Bugs Bunny (1996), Patti the Platypus (1997), Tamagotchi (1998), My Little Pony (1998), Furby (1999) and Hello Kitty (2013). The two U.S. exclusives are the 101 Dalmatians (1997) and Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey (2002) toys.

McDonald's has also announced that after the promotion is over, customers can look forward to a new, healthier drink option. In 2020, the fast food giant will introduce a reduced sugar low-fat chocolate milk in the U.S. with 25% less sugar than the one that's currently on the menu. Happy Meals currently come with 1% low-fat milk, Dasani water or Honest Kids organic apple juice. The chain removed soda from the kids menu in 2013 because, obviously, it's not good for you. If you're a soda addict, here are some facts that might make you finally stop drinking it.

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