Confederate statue vandalized with message to help homeless

Published 11-30-2018

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - A Confederate statue in Kentucky has once again been vandalized, this time with a message to house the homeless and remove borders.

News outlets report the messages appeared on the Louisville statute Wednesday. The statue depicts John B. Castleman, a Confederate soldier and general who helped to create the city's park system. He also founded the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

City officials announced in August that the Castleman statue and another Confederate statue would be relocated by the end of the year. The removal announcement happened around the same time as the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, marked that a year had passed since a white nationalist rally that left a woman dead.

Both statues have been targets of vandalism, with the city paying $8,000 to clean orange paint off the Castleman statue.

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