Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin posts gun range video

Published 10-14-2018

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin has posted a video showing himself throwing smoke bombs and shooting grenade launchers.

Bevin posted the video Sunday on Twitter, a day after President Donald Trump visited the state.

In the video, Bevin says when he was elected, he talked about blowing things up like red tape, corruption, and "pay-to-play and inside deals." He says in the tweet that "from the beginning, we've made it clear ... We won't stand for the way things have 'always been done.'"

The Courier Journal reports the video was filmed at the Kentucky State Penitentiary's gun range in Eddyville.

Bevin is running for re-election next year. Kentucky Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear also is a gubernatorial candidate. Beshear spokesman Brad Bowman says Bevin should "refund every tax dollar used to make this video."

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