30 considerate compliments you can give that aren't about looks

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Getting complimented can be a confidence booster. In fact, studies have shown that compliments can do wonders for a person's mental health and are a good way to boost a person's self-esteem. According to the Mayo Clinic, giving others compliments and being nicer to others can even improve your emotional well-being.

However, compliments about a person's appearance may end up being very uncomfortable for the person on the receiving end and oftentimes are inappropriate. This is especially true if those involved aren't particularly close. Questions and comments like "Have you lost weight?" "Your makeup looks good today" and "That outfit is flattering" not only defy proper etiquette, but they can also be downright rude in some instances.

As a general rule of thumb, don't comment on a person's appearance. But do continue to say nice things about people. Here are some compliments that have nothing to do with a person's looks.


'You're very intelligent'

Letting a person know how smart they are can be really good for someone who may not be feeling as confident in their abilities or problem-solving skills.

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'You're a fantastic listener'

This can let a person know that others are willing to come to them when they need someone to lend an ear. On the other hand, it's a skill everyone should learn. Only talking about yourself and not listening is a toxic habit that is hurting your relationships. 


'I can be myself around you'

Everyone should learn to be comfortable in their own skin, but there are some people that make it easier than others. By telling someone you can be yourself around them, you are letting the person know you are comfortable around them and that you feel close to them.


'You are selfless'

In other words, this person is generous. They do not always think about their own needs and are willing to share with and serve others.


'You have great tastes in music '

This compliment speaks for itself. There are many, many genres of music, and what is popular is constantly changing, so calling attention to your appreciation for another's specific tastes in music is high praise.

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'I love your authenticity'

If you appreciate that a person is themselves no matter who they are around, let them know. Maybe that means they don't let fashion rules dictate what they like to wear or maybe it means they dance like no one is watching, but whatever the case telling someone you appreciate their authentic self is a real confidence booster. 

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'You're very understanding'

This compliment is for the person that is always sympathetically aware of other people's feelings and is tolerant and forgiving. People who are understanding tend to have great relationships with their kids, co-workers and everyone around them.


'You are a very creative person'

If someone is gifted in music or art or a crafty hobby or even problem-solving, let them know you admire their creativity.

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'Your laugh is contagious'

Do you have a friend who makes everyone else in the room laugh? Let them know that their joy brings you joy.


'You are such a hard worker'

This person has a great work ethic and is dedicated to the task at hand whether that is decorating for a party or whipping up a weeknight meal. 


'You are a fun person to hang out with'

If there are people in your life that you have a good time being around, and those are the friendships you should keep close as you get older, this quick line will let them know how much you appreciate their company. 


'I feel safe around you'

Some friends and loved ones have a calming effect on those around them. If a person makes you feel not only at ease but also secure, this is the compliment for them. Surrounding yourself with people who allow you to feel that safety and who have a calming effect is just one way to live a more peaceful life. 


'You're brave'

Everyone encounters their challenges and most people end up having to face a few of their fears. If you know a person well, you probably have a good idea of what makes that person nervous. This is a really good compliment for a person who is dealing with something that could be deemed scary or uncomfortable. Or perhaps if someone is doing something adventurous like visiting a National Park. 


'You genuinely care about people'

You know the friend who regularly checks in on you (a surefire way to be a great friend) even if it's your turn to return a call or text? This one is for them. Giving this compliment means you notice the person legitimately and outwardly shows concern for others.


'You have a positive influence on the people around you'

This is a nice way to say that another individual makes other people around them better. Maybe the person is warm and inviting and helps people come out of their shells, or maybe their hard work or energy is contagious and makes others around them work harder or more energetically. 


'You are empowering'

People who help others achieve their goals are empowering. Self-esteem boosters like siblings and parents and best friends should hear that praise every so often. If there is a person in your life that makes you feel like you can take on the world, you should let them know they are empowering. 


'You are so kind'

This is for a person that is just overall nice, friendly and considerate. And if you are looking to be the person on the receiving end of this compliment, there are plenty of ways to be a kinder person. 

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'You are generous'

This person is willing to give more of something whether it's money, time or effort. Being generous and surrounding yourself with others who are is a good way to build lasting friendships. 

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'You have an interesting perspective'

Not everyone thinks the same way you do and some people may be problem-solvers in ways far outside the box that you think in. Giving this compliment means the person has a unique-to-you way of looking at something. 


'I'm lucky to know you'

This is just letting a person know that you are happy to know them and spend time with them. Just letting someone know you appreciate who they are is a great lesson that we learned from our parents. 


'You have a refreshing personality'

A person receiving this compliment is just not like everyone else you know and you enjoy their company. It's nice to let someone know they stand out to you.


'You are a passionate person'

Giving this compliment means that you are noticing a person's excitement for one particular thing or perhaps many things. Some people really throw themselves into what they are working on and recognizing that will make their work or interest feel validated.


'You give great advice'

Do you have a great advisor in your life? Someone that makes you feel heard and gives people guidance and good recommendations? That person is helping you make good decisions, so appreciate them. A mentor is one of the most important relationships to cultivate in your life.


'You are a great leader'

If you notice someone is really stepping up and taking control, whether that be in planning a party or at the office, let them know how helpful that is.


'You inspire people'

There are a lot of people with admirable traits, but it takes someone really special to get people to be better or take more interest.


'I learn something new from you every day'

A person receiving this compliment is likely very knowledgeable, but also willing to take the time to teach others. Time is valuable, so be sure to appreciate those around you who share it. 


'You're so down to earth'

In other words, this person is easy to get along with and be around. This can be a great person to take a walk outside with.


'You are relatable'

This person can find similarities with a lot of people in many different settings from interviews to parties.


'You are dependable'

Whether it's the employee who never makes the office etiquette mistake of coming in late or the sibling who is always there to lend a helping hand, give this compliment when you can always count on someone to get tasks done.


'You smell good'

You like the way this person smells. It's as simple as that and it's one of the many ways that you can make people feel good about themselves. Giving more compliments is just one way to show gratitude every day. 

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